Simple steps to your refund this financial year

Claim everything you are entitled to in this year. If you are self-employed or business, try to delay the income and spend some money that you would otherwise spent in coming year. Talk to your Tax accountant or contact S & H Tax Accountants Cranbourne to receive your general deduction list free of charge. Don’t go over the limit than you are entitled to claim. ATO is watching all the deductions that aren’t genuine

Keeping good records: keeping a proper record during the financial year, it will help you to reduce your accountants bill and you won’t miss any small or big receipts during the year. Normally people lose out on refund who don’t keep track of expenses and don’t fill proper logbook for the car. Again you need speak to tax agent or use the service of our tax agent in Cranbourne to help you.

Professional advice is always good in this year as well as coming years. Talk to professional accountant who is registered tax agent.

Using the service of registered tax agent will help you as more than 70% Australians use tax agent to file the tax returns with ATO. You will have a peace of mind that you will be safe and tax agent normally resolve if any issue arises with ATO. Australian Tax Office always appreciate the honesty. If you are honest and paying your fair share of tax its good for everyone and country as well. Talk to Small business accountant Cranbourne today to discuss your needs. Book your appointment with our experienced account now